I live in Chicago; I’m from Colorado


I was walking to the train station the other day and randomly realized that I had absolutely no idea what the Illinois state flag looks like.

I certainly know what the Chicago flag looks like. I’ve lived in Chicago for a combined total of about five years. I have a pretty strong connection to this place. I turn into a tour guide when my family and friends visit, I get discouraged when bad news my city is publicized. I even root for some of the sports teams. Some.  When asked, I always tell people I live in Chicago, even though I now reside in Oak Park. I never think to say I live in Illinois.

Conversely, when people ask where I am from, I almost always say I’m from Colorado. In all the time I lived in Colorado, I never once resided outside the Denver metro area. Yet, home means Colorado to me.

Denver’s a great city and I bet there is a lot of great things about Illinois that I have yet to discover. I just think it’s interesting that I associate with a city in one place and a state in another.

I apologize if you’re waiting for me to break off some deep, philosophical reasoning as to why I must think this way. I don’t really know. Actually, I wrote this out of curiosity as to how you think about the same issue.

Are you from Miami or Florida? Los Angeles or So-Cal? Houston or Texas?

Where do you live and where are you from?

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  1. I live near Philadelphia. I am from New Jersey. When I lived in Spartanburg SC i used to say I live in SC. When I lived in Sarasota, I would say I live in Sarasota. When I lived in Cleveland I would say I live in Cleveland. The only time i lived in a state and not a city was when I lived in SC.

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