Top ten things to do in San Francisco that my friend Sara will like.


My friend Sara is moving to San Francisco. Since I lived in the Bay Area for a year and have spent a few other years working for Bay Area based companies, I thought I would share some of the things I think she might like.

Tacos and whiskey at Azucar Lounge

This is the best place I’ve been in SF for Tacos and Whiskey. It’s more of a fantastic cocktail place with great food than a fantastic restaurant with great cocktails so plan accordingly.

Watch the sunset at Muir Beech Overlook

This is one of those places where you feel like you’re on the edge of the Earth. It can be tricky to find a clear day to go, but if the sun is shining, this place is awesome.

Cocktails at Rye, then dinner at Osha Thai

Rye is one of my favorite little bars in San Francisco. Great drinks, great service, and a cool neighborhood with a great thai food restaurant just a couple doors down.

Working Girls’ Cafe

There’s three of these downtown and they serve the greatest breakfast sandwiches on Earth.

Alexander’s Steak House

This is the only steakhouse in SF that I’ve ever been to that holds a candle to a proper Chicago steak house. The service is top notch and the steak is legit.

Listen to some jazz at The Burritt Room

This place has that speak-easy vibe that’s pretty popular in SF. They have great cocktails and pretty good food. All those bespoke cocktails take a while though, so go here when you have time to chill.


The farmer’s market at the Ferry Building

There’s lot’s to do at the ferry building but try to go on a day when the farmer’s market is running.


Eat Pho at Phở Phú Quốc Vietnamese

This was the first place I ever ate pho. It’s also where I fell in love with it.

Go out for bbq in Oakland

This one is actually for Sara’s husband, Brian. Everett And Jones is so good. This is your reason to visit Jack London Square


Chill at China Beach

It’s just the prettiest dang place in the city.

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