These boots are made for walking


Last January, I set a goal to average 10,000 steps (~5 miles) a day for 2015. Assuming I don’t completely blow off today, I will have accomplished it. A big part of making my step goal was walking to and from the train between both my work and my home. Sometimes I took the water taxi or a bus once I was downtown, but I tried to at least walk one way. 

Walking in Chicago can be rough from December until April. The city does a pretty good job of shoveling most of the snow on the main sidewalks but there is salt and snow and ice and puddles and this gross, black muck… Plus it’s cold. I mean. IT’S COLD.

A couple years ago, my wife gifted me a pair of Ecco Boots for my commute. Here is a picture of them from two years ago when they were new. Several hundred thousand steps later, they are still looking, and performing pretty great.


These boots are super lightweight, warm without being hot, and waterproof. Best of all, they just shed the Chicago muck, making it easier to hit my step goal.

If you need some boots, I highly recommend them.

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