GLD Hacks: Online Banking

gld-bankingMy friend Teresa Boardman recently asked for my expert advice. I thought it would be fun to share my response here. Feel free to send in your own #GLD questions and I will try to answer them… when I get around to it.

Teresa’s question: 

I am trying to decide how to best use the time I save when I use my phone to deposit checks into my bank account. Normally it takes a half hour round trip to get to the bank, make a deposit and get back home. It can take longer.

My advice:

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Umm, why are you mobile banking in the first place? My Grandfather once gave me some sage advice that needs to be passed along right here:

“Never go to the bank and the post office on the same day.”

Yeah, sure, Teresa, mobile banking “saves time.” But think of the opportunities to get out into the world that you are missing out on by staying at work and being “productive.” Think of the locals you kind of know that you can practice your people skills on. Think of the steps you can log on your Fitbit. Think of the overexposed Instagrams you might snap. Think about the fact that your life might actually start getting really boring if you let technology win. Are you going to let technology win Teresa? Are you?

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