Tacos Tequila Whiskey, Denver


The first time I visited the City Park location of this restaurant, I think it was called Pinche Tacos. Y’all know I love to curse, so of course the name piqued my interest. Honestly though, their new name fits even better.

They serve three things. I’ll let you guess what they are.

I’m not a big tequila drinker, but I know enough to tell you that their selection looks primo.

I can personally vouch for their whiskey selection, and listed them in my 100 places to drink whiskey list.

Really though, it’s the tacos that we need to talk about. First off, this is a fancy taco place. I like fancy tacos. I also like old school tacos, but you’ve got to be in the mood for one or the other. They are different. Tortilleria Sinaloa in Baltimore is a great example of an old school taco place. Fancy tacos have fancy ingredients, and can also be really hit or miss. Places like this tend to miss more often than they hit. Tacos Tequila Whiskey does not miss. This is one of my favorite taco places in Denver.

Taco Estilo Abril pictured at 12:00 and the Agridulce at 9:00.

I visited the Highlands location while in town a few weeks ago. Everything was great, but here were my three favorite tacos.

  • Pollo Agave

    Agave-dipped fried chicken, slaw, Mexican “chimichurri”

Only easy way to explain it is that it’s the spicy chicken and waffles of tacos. You just gotta try it.

  • Pork Belly “Agridulce”

Sweet & sour braised pork belly, candied garlic, cabbage & cilantro slaw, braising jus

It’s a really fancy way of saying, “bacon taco.” To be fair, it’s a really good bacon taco. It’s everything a bacon lover could ever want in a taco.

  • Taco Estilo Abril

Grilled cotija cheese, roasted chile poblano, creamed chipotle corn, sour cream

The grilled cotija cheese is a wonderful meat substitute. So delicious that I ordered seconds. This was the best of all the tacos I sampled.

If you find yourself in Denver, and in the mood for fancy tacos and quality whisky, this is the place to go.

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