Fun with QR Codes

First, a little history. My friend Dan fancies himself a master Rick Roller. Not only is he good at Rick rolling people, he’s expert at avoiding the Rick Roll himself. He’s so good, that several of us set up a bounty to be awarded to the first person to prove he could actually Rick Roll the master.

I used a URL purchased months ago called, installed wordpress on it, embedded the famous YouTube video, and laid in wait. Months later, the topic of mortgage conferences came up while texting with Dan, and I asked him if he was going to LendCamp. His delayed response was, “is there really going to be a LendCamp, or was that the most elaborate RickRoll ever devised”? MuhuHaHAHAHa!

But here’s my problem. After such a beautiful RickRoll, I’ve been having a hard time trying to figure out how to top it. Then, I started reading about QR codes and how to make them. Hmmmmm. I… Have… A Plan

The first step is to generate the QR code. I use the URL shortening service. Specifically, their Chrome extension widgitmacallit.

Once it’s installed, head over to YouTube RickRoll page.

Click the widgitmacallit and copy the shortened link.

Paste the link into your address bar and add “.qr” to the end of the shortened URL. You now have a QR code!

I wanted the code to be bigger for printing so I looked at the new URL and noticed part of the link structure was telling the code to be 150 pixels wide and high. I changed both to 500.

Then I printed my QR code and took it to work, where it’s displayed just outside my cube.

So did it work? Patience young Padawan. You have much to learn in the ways of the force.

Author: @tcar

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