Why I am not allowed to own a garage

exocetIf I had a garage, I would build this. I’ve long had a fascination with Kit Cars, and as a former Miata owner, the prospect of using such a capable donor vehicle has huge appeal to me. Most kit cars promise an easy assembly precess, but rarely deliver. The difference with the Exocet is that the front and rear subframes of the Miata are retained. So, the drivetrain, suspension and brakes can all remain bolted together during the transformation.

There’s a new body on the way, but here’s what it looks like without body panels:

Why do this? Well, weight is the number one enemy of any performance car and this procedure slashes about a third of the Miata’s weight away. This means you can accelerate faster, stop faster, take corners faster… you get the picture. While the general public tends to refer to the Miata as a chick car, driving enthusiasts know they are very capable racers. In fact, the Miata is the most raced make in North America.  There’s a treasure trove of performance parts available for these cars.

Plus, just look at it. It’s like a dune buggy met a Lotus Seven and had drunk sex. Friggin brilliant.

Interested? To get an idea of how much a project like this will help you get less done, take a look at this build diary on Flickr.

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