4 Essential Tools and Services To Get Less Done

In an era where technology is typically applied with the hope of becoming more efficient in your day to day life and/or job, I present you with 4 technology based tools and services that will help you Get Less Done (if used appropriately).

  1. An iPad. Get real, you’re really not doing anything productive with this time suck on steroids.  Sure, you’ll somehow validate it’s use with some ‘work related’ application but mostly it helps you Get Less Done.  Don’t get me wrong though, I want an iPad, they’re wicked cool and I’ll find that justification for buying one and as a result will Get Less Done.
  2. An iPhone. Access to 93,000+ mostly meaningless little time sucks called ‘applications’ coupled with limited phone service is a sure fire way to not talk to people and Get Less Done.  The iPhone wins in a class of communication devices called smart phones, most of which help you become anything but.  I can’t wait for the iPhone to come to Verizon so I can get one and Get Less Done.
  3. Facebook, Twitter and Social Media.  Admit it, you browse Facebook endlessly and call it ‘networking’.  Facebook is the new TV when it comes to Getting Less Done.  You’re not even supposed to tweet about ‘business’ and the whole ‘building an online reputation through engaging your sphere or social graph’ social media strategy bullshit is a thinly disguised excuse to Get Less Done.
  4. A Blog That No One Reads.  Like a tree that falls in an empty forest, does it really make a sound?  Picking out widgets, plug-ins, re-doing your theme instead of putting the time in to write a thoughtful post for who amount to be your friends is a great strategy to Get Less Done.  If one blog doesn’t help you Get Less Done, create more.

This post was supposed to have a 5th essential tool or service but I Got Less Done than I wanted for many of the reasons listed above.

I currently employ some or all of these essential tools and services some or all of the time, or at least plan to in my consciously inadvertent yet well meaning quest to Get Less Done.

Author: @jeffx

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8 thoughts on “4 Essential Tools and Services To Get Less Done”

  1. You’re welcome Ines.

    I have marketing idea for you that may help you Get Less Done with your new iPad…create the iNes iPad application.
    Do not to hire someone qualified to help you build it! Get Less Done and try to build it yourself.

  2. You are right about the ipad. Mine arrives today and I just want to say good bye to everyone. You were all a time suck but I think the iPad is going to take your place.

  3. Teresa- Im working on my own time suck app for the iPad that I will forward to you when done. I’m leaning on calling it the iSuck app.

    Since I dont know how to develop apps for the iPad it may take me awhile, getting less done because of said lack of knowledge.
    I will be sure to send your way when semi-complete so you can help me ‘beta test’…if you’re willing to help we should both get even less done.

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