Babies are Perfect for Getting Less Done

As far the GLD crew is concerned, I’m the new Daddy on the block.  🙂

My daughter, Ava, was born in January.  That was the day I really amped up my efforts to get less done.  My wife went into labor on the evening of the 9th.  She did all the hard work.   She is amazing.  She got a lot done.

Mainly, I lost sleep, passed out, and operated the camera.

Since that day, I have had an absolutely blissful time doting on my daughter and, at times, getting absolutely nothing done.  Thank God for digital cameras, cuz if we would have had film, I would have had to take the thousands of pictures I’ve already taken to a film developer.  That would have accomplished something.  With digital cameras, I can take all the pictures and video I want, reveling in the wonderful and joyous distraction that is my infant daughter.

One of the favorite ways my wife and I like to get less done with Ava is to make little videos of her during “music time.”  She is a happy baby, and she enjoys her music time.  So far, she is very fond of anything Motown, Frank Sinatra, and especially Kanye West.

The following videos were made when Ava was just about 3 months old.  The first is of Ava showing off her best Hammer Dance. The second is Ava taking the Midnight Train to Georgia.

We had fun getting nothing done while we made these, and we hope you’ll enjoy getting nothing done while you watch them:

Oh, and Ava is already a veteran of getting less done (other than pooping, sleeping, and eating). She’s been social notworking on twitter since she was in the womb. Check out @LilZebra.

Author: @drothamel

I'm a daddy, a husband, a REALTOR, and a basketball referee. With all that going on, it is hard to get anything done.

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