7 thoughts on “Headway Themes (a.k.a. How I spent my weekend)”

  1. I’ve been Getting Less Done playing around with a couple of Woo Themes. Got Headway when it was first released and found it buggy. Need to grab latest version and GLD with it.

  2. Todd, I know how to upload the image but, once I upload and hit save, refresh VI, the header title gets jammed and no image appears on the header!!
    BTW; this is an awesome site with wonderful topics that take me away from doing what I’m supposed to be doing. So guys; Mission Accomplished. :0)

  3. I too have been thinking of trying Headway, but don’t have a project for it just yet. I just recently realized that almost everyone out there is in RE.net is using Thesis. How did that happen? and why? I’m personally using Cubit from Theme Forest. It’s very pretty, but I initially found it a little complicated. Hopefully soon I too can GLD with Headway.

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