iPhone Photo Time Suck

How many different ways can you photograph the same subject with your iPhone?  I find myself getting sucked into the Twilight Zone of Getting Less Done when presented with trivial specimens of flowers, insects, bricks ……I could go on and on.

Isn’t that the point?  There are so many applications and so little time!  Sometimes I go walking with the family and by the time I look up from taking a photograph, they’re gone!  I don’t realize how time just flies from under me, and all for a photo.  The Art of Getting Less Done is not easily attained.

So here’s an example of a purple flower (maybe one of you can actually identify the specimen – or go spend some time trying to figure it out and get even less done).

I only uploaded the worthy ones – there were a lot more than these which helped me get less done.  Credit for the effects can go to Hipstamatic, Photogene, ColorSplash, TrueHDR, SketchMee, OldCamera, Lo-Mob and ultimately @respres <<<who tells me about these and other apps that contribute to the “GET LESS DONE MOVEMENT”.

4 thoughts on “iPhone Photo Time Suck”

  1. It is a morning glory. I garden which is a wonderful time suck but I can identify plants for those new home buyers of mine, also a time suck.

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