How to make fish tacos without stinking up the joint

fishtacosI was never a fan of fish tacos until I was. I mean, there’s no carnitas in a fish taco or anything, but they’re still pretty darn good. I mostly order them when I’m out and about, who wants to smell up the house when cooking fish?

However, I figured out a pretty good way to make them without the stink. Use the grill! Here’s how I did it.

IMG_2896Gather your ingredients. I used tilapia, corn tortillas, a serrano pepper and some coleslaw mix from the deli. You’ll also need some mayo and… of course, Sriracha. I grilled some zucchini with olive oil and salt as a side dish because…

IMG_2897The first step is to slice up your zucchini and season your fish. I used Goya Adobo on the fish and put some olive oil and salt on the zucchini.

IMG_2898Next, chop up the pepper.

IMG_2899Combine the pepper, slaw, Sriracha and sour cream… Oh yeah, you also need some sour cream… into a bowl and mix it up.

IMG_2900Fire up the grill. Yeah… that’s right. Grill your fish and the zucchini over medium-high-ish heat. Don’t worry if the fish doesn’t flip over perfectly. You’re just going to chop it up in a couple minutes.

IMG_2901Throw your corn tortillas on the grill for a couple minutes to warm them up.

IMG_2903Once the fish is done, chop it up and and combine it with some slaw on each tortilla.

IMG_2904Enjoy with a light libation. I like a mix of Pimm’s with some Hansen’s ginger ale over ice.


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