Sorta healthy frozen breakfast burritos.


Let’s face it, a flour tortilla isn’t all that different from a donut when it comes to carb count. So I don’t think I could honestly tell you that this breakfast recipe is healthy. The thing is, I really love breakfast burritos, and if I’m going to eat one, I really want it to be somewhat healthier than they usually are. Especially the highly processed ones you find in the freezer section. So here is my recipe for a sorta healthy breakfast burrito that also tastes great. I make ten at a time, freeze them, and warm them up in the microwave in the morning. Continue reading “Sorta healthy frozen breakfast burritos.”

Your geekiest thing

Let me start this one with a solicitation. Please add your own geekiest thing here in the comments. Tens of readers come to this blog every month, yet very few people comment. I want to know what your geekiest thing is so consider this post open mic night at GLD.

I have a lot of geeky friends. I mean, I also have friends who *think* they are geeky, but they are really more geek-lite. Some of the friends I am talking about use command prompts. Their idea of a new-to-market product is some guy’s vaporware idea on Kickstarter. They go to Comic-con… dressed up.

Sometimes, I’d like to think I am one of these super geeks. Other days, I realize I’m more in that geek-lite column. But every once in a while, I realize that I do, or own something that is really geeky. Here’s an example:

With an Amazon gift card burning a hole in my pocket this week, I ordered a new USB DAC/Headphone amplifier for my computer. Out of curiosity, my wife asked what it was for. As I searched for an explanation, I thought to myself, “this has to be the geekiest thing I now own.” That made me think, “I wonder what the geekiest thing some of my geekiest friends own is?” And now, I bet you’re asking the exact same question. Am I right? Continue reading “Your geekiest thing”

These boots are made for walking


Last January, I set a goal to average 10,000 steps (~5 miles) a day for 2015. Assuming I don’t completely blow off today, I will have accomplished it. A big part of making my step goal was walking to and from the train between both my work and my home. Sometimes I took the water taxi or a bus once I was downtown, but I tried to at least walk one way.  Continue reading “These boots are made for walking”

Jalapeno cornbread waffles with green chili chicken gravy. It’s what’s for brunch.



If you’re going to blow up your carb count on a single meal, I think it should be brunch. If you’re doing brunch right, you’ll have slept in, skipping breakfast altogether. You’ll even be a little late for lunch. Brunch is best around 1:00. It’s only really called brunch because eggs and bloody marys are usually involved.

I’m a big fan of many classic brunch dishes. Biscuits and gravy, huevos rancheros, and chicken and waffles are three of my favorites. Lately I have been thinking of how I could make them into a single dish. Continue reading “Jalapeno cornbread waffles with green chili chicken gravy. It’s what’s for brunch.”

Rocket Science

ORBCOMM-2 First-Stage Landing

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Last week, Space X launched this one million pound rocket into space, and then successfully landed back on Earth. It’s the biggest thing to happen in relation to space all week, and that’s actually saying quite a lot. Continue reading “Rocket Science”

Top ten things to do in San Francisco that my friend Sara will like.


My friend Sara is moving to San Francisco. Since I lived in the Bay Area for a year and have spent a few other years working for Bay Area based companies, I thought I would share some of the things I think she might like.

Tacos and whiskey at Azucar Lounge

This is the best place I’ve been in SF for Tacos and Whiskey. It’s more of a fantastic cocktail place with great food than a fantastic restaurant with great cocktails so plan accordingly. Continue reading “Top ten things to do in San Francisco that my friend Sara will like.”