Tortilleria Sinaloa – Best tacos in Baltimore

Tortilleria_SinaloaAs I walked out of Fell’s Point and into more of a not-so-tourist-friendly neighborhood, my apprehensions around ordering tacos in an east coast city began to dissipate. Let’s face it, Baltimore isn’t really known for it’s Mexican food. If there was any chance for this place it be good, it was going to need to be located in an ever so slightly shady neighborhood. All great taco stands are.

Walking through the door, I was really impressed. The dining area was simple, but it clean, and the kitchen was in open view. They were busy making their own tortillas. A really good sign.

I ordered one steak, one chicken and one pork. All three were great, but the pork was the best. A place like this is all about fresh tortillas and good meat. You don’t need a bunch of toppings when you get the basics right. Just some onion, cilantro and jalepeno. Add a bit of the bright orange hot sauce if you really want to kick it up a notch.

Best of all, this meal was really affordable. If you’re ever looking for an awesome lunch in Baltimore, I highly recommend this place.

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100 places to drink whiskey

100wBuddha never said, “It’s better to travel well than to arrive,” but it’s still a great maxim. To me it’s another way of saying we need to enjoy our journey in life. Often, that manifests itself in the consumption of cocktails with friends. The following is a list of 100 great places to do that. A while back, I created a Wunderlist of places I want to visit someday. I’ve been to some of these and heard about the others. The list finally hit 100, so I thought I would write a post about them. I’ve left Foursquare tips at many of these as well.

A list like this is often controversial. Surely a few of you have your own opinions on which establishments should be included. Feel free to chime in. 200 places to drink whiskey sounds like a great title for a follow up blog post. Continue reading “100 places to drink whiskey”