Disruptive Ideas

chicken and waffles

A couple years ago, an electric vehicle (EV) captured the overall win at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Ever since, I’ve been fascinated by this disruptive technology.

EVs have lots of advantages over internal combustion cars. They use less energy per mile. They offer great low-end torque, and they can be packaged to provide amazing levels of stability.

One huge disadvantage to them is the current state of battery technology. Today’s batteries are big, heavy, expensive, and somewhat unsafe.

Recently, a study was released about a new battery technology that would allow batteries to be smaller, lighter, cheaper, and most importantly, safer. Imagine your smartphone lasting a week without recharging. Imagine an affordable electric car with a 500 mile range. More importantly, imagine your recharge times to be safely shortened to the length of a traditional gas station fill-up. Continue reading “Disruptive Ideas”

Why I am not allowed to own a garage

exocetIf I had a garage, I would build this. I’ve long had a fascination with Kit Cars, and as a former Miata owner, the prospect of using such a capable donor vehicle has huge appeal to me. Most kit cars promise an easy assembly precess, but rarely deliver. The difference with the Exocet is that the front and rear subframes of the Miata are retained. So, the drivetrain, suspension and brakes can all remain bolted together during the transformation. Continue reading “Why I am not allowed to own a garage”