How to make fish tacos without stinking up the joint

fishtacosI was never a fan of fish tacos until I was. I mean, there’s no carnitas in a fish taco or anything, but they’re still pretty darn good. I mostly order them when I’m out and about, who wants to smell up the house when cooking fish?

However, I figured out a pretty good way to make them without the stink. Use the grill! Here’s how I did it. Continue reading “How to make fish tacos without stinking up the joint”

The GLD Guide To Middle Shelf Whiskey

GLDMiddleSome whiskey enthusiasts are all about finding the hidden gem. That fourteen dollar bottle really isn’t as bad as you’re worried it is. Other enthusiasts may try to impress you with their complex reviews of the finest whiskies you can buy. This review is neither.

I’m a strong believer in the middle shelf. Whiskies you can drink neat without wincing, yet are not too complex or expensive that you’d feel guilty mixing them with a bit of vermouth and some bitters. Continue reading “The GLD Guide To Middle Shelf Whiskey”

Business Travel Pro Tips

GLDProTipsAccording to Tripit Pro, I’ve traveled about a quarter of a million miles to over one hundred locations since joining their service a few years back. I know plenty of people who have traveled more, but I feel like this is still enough experience to dole out some advice on the art of business travel. Here are some top tips to make your trip a bit smoother. Continue reading “Business Travel Pro Tips”

The F-word


Words have power. Negative power and positive power. I hate how they are some times used, but I love that they are so powerful.  One of the most powerful words I know is the f-word.
“I drop the f-bomb like it’s hot.”
In the past, people told me that they like that I’m, “so genuine.” I’ve often been tempted to respond, “why do you think that? Because I say the f-word a lot?” It’s sort of a joke, but it’s also true. I’ve always kind of looked at my willingness to drop the f-bomb online as a badge of honor. It was a way for me to “keep it real.” Continue reading “The F-word”

How to order and/or make a manhattan

“Rye manhattan, up.”

themahattanHistory suggests that the manhattan originated at the Manhattan Club in New York City in the early 1870s, where it was invented by Dr. Iain Marshall. That’s right… a doctor. That practically makes this cocktail recipe a medically endorsed remedy to all of life’s problems. Its greatness lies in its perfect balance between silky smooth and fiery bite. It is the king of all cocktails.

There’s no shortage of good reading on the manhattan, but most articles are written by people trying to impress you with their complex palette and esoteric lexicon. This is a more practical guide. Continue reading “How to order and/or make a manhattan”

100 places to drink whiskey

100wBuddha never said, “It’s better to travel well than to arrive,” but it’s still a great maxim. To me it’s another way of saying we need to enjoy our journey in life. Often, that manifests itself in the consumption of cocktails with friends. The following is a list of 100 great places to do that. A while back, I created a Wunderlist of places I want to visit someday. I’ve been to some of these and heard about the others. The list finally hit 100, so I thought I would write a post about them. I’ve left Foursquare tips at many of these as well.

A list like this is often controversial. Surely a few of you have your own opinions on which establishments should be included. Feel free to chime in. 200 places to drink whiskey sounds like a great title for a follow up blog post. Continue reading “100 places to drink whiskey”

Create yet another social network with BuddyPress

aintnobodyWordPress is so underrated. It helped usher in an era of mass self publishing on the Internet. Self publishing evolved into social media, social media evolved into social networking, and all of it nearly disintermediated the watercolor as a GLD-safe harbor in the workplace.

It has evolved into a fantastic content management platform, and even the largest media empires are now choosing to use it. But WordPress wants to be more than a publishing platform. Continue reading “Create yet another social network with BuddyPress”

The 2014 Getting Less Done List of 10 People

thelistThis is that time of year when media outlets publish lists of people. Not wanting to lose relevance, GLD is launching a list of its own. The following is a list of ten people.  We recommend trying to connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Secret, Path, Vine, Foursquare, Google +, Spotify, Waze, Fitbit, Reddit, flickr, Tumblr, Quora, and MySpace (it’s still a thing).

Without further ado, the 2014 Getting Less Done List of People: Continue reading “The 2014 Getting Less Done List of 10 People”

Fire up that loud, another round of GLD

theGLDmathIt’s that time of year when I get the itch to blog about life’s wonderful distractions. Expect to see about a dozen new posts over the next couple of weeks.

In the mean time, I made a couple updates to the look and feel of GLD. I finally implemented the Twenty Fourteen magazine grid layout on the home page and relocated some stuff to the footer so I could dump the third column.

I’ve also been playing with a new (to me) graphics app called Pixelmator to have some fun with the post images. Expect a full review in the near future.

For now, welcome back to Getting Less Done.