Create yet another social network with BuddyPress

aintnobodyWordPress is so underrated. It helped usher in an era of mass self publishing on the Internet. Self publishing evolved into social media, social media evolved into social networking, and all of it nearly disintermediated the watercolor as a GLD-safe harbor in the workplace.

It has evolved into a fantastic content management platform, and even the largest media empires are now choosing to use it. But WordPress wants to be more than a publishing platform. Continue reading “Create yet another social network with BuddyPress”

Turn your uncool XP- running PC into a Linux Box

I “built” my first Linux powered computer system for $31. I didn’t really need it, but I wanted a distraction from getting important stuff done. Three years later, consumer friendly flavors of Linux have come a long way. This week, Conical released their latest version of Ubuntu. Natty Narwhal sounds so much cooler than XP, or Vista and backs up it’s geeky name with a modern refresh of the operating system. The biggest change is a new Unity launching bar that works a lot like Mac’s OSX dock or the Windows 7 task bar. Lots of die hard Ubuntu users are not happy with the change but I like it. Continue reading “Turn your uncool XP- running PC into a Linux Box”

Fun with QR Codes

First, a little history. My friend Dan fancies himself a master Rick Roller. Not only is he good at Rick rolling people, he’s expert at avoiding the Rick Roll himself. He’s so good, that several of us set up a bounty to be awarded to the first person to prove he could actually Rick Roll the master.

I used a URL purchased months ago called, installed wordpress on it, embedded the famous YouTube video, and laid in wait. Months later, the topic of mortgage conferences came up while texting with Dan, and I asked him if he was going to LendCamp. His delayed response was, “is there really going to be a LendCamp, or was that the most elaborate RickRoll ever devised”? MuhuHaHAHAHa! Continue reading “Fun with QR Codes”

Seesmic video continues to suck the productivity out of thousands of lives around the globe. . .

Helping people get less done since 2007 or 2008, I don’t remember which.

You know how sometimes, you start out doing one thing, and then it becomes something completely different, or even totally opposite? That’s what happened to me when I started writing this post. Continue reading “Seesmic video continues to suck the productivity out of thousands of lives around the globe. . .”

Spring Desktop Cleaning

I habitually save stuff to my desktop so it’s handy while I’m working on a project. Before long, my computer desktop is as cluttered as my real desktop. I did some spring cleaning in my office today and it’s looking brilliant. But I also took a minute to clean up my computer desktop as well. This GLD hack will show you how to do this super fast! Continue reading “Spring Desktop Cleaning”

Bubbles for iPad

Okay, so it’s supposed to be for toddlers, but I’ve spent HOURS on this app. Bubbles is simple. Swipe the screen to blow bubbles. Then poke them to pop them. That’s it. Friggin awesome.

Don’t have an iPad? There’s an iPhone version too. Don’t have an iPhone? I guess you could go to Walmart or something and buy some real bubbles, but that’s kinda’ lame. Just like your phone.