Twenty Sixteen Theme for GLD

I was updating GLD to WordPress 4.4 tonight and noticed that a new default theme is now available. Using default themes has kind of a hobby of mine. runs on TwentyTwelve, and GLD has run on a few different default themes over the years. Up until today, it was running Twenty Fourteen.

So here it is. I was gonna add a screen shot but… I mean… just look around. Twenty Sixteen seems pretty old school. It reminds me of the Cutline theme I used to use on Lenderama a million years ago; except it’s responsive, and has a more modern font-set.

There were a couple issues in the migration. The theme really didn’t handle the featured images I used in Twenty Fourteen very well. Many looked cropped and their placement on the page was awkward. I ended up removing these images from the featured image section, and adding them back to the body of the post. Took a bit of time, but it’s looking pretty good.

The theme also kind of sucks at handling JetPack’s Top Posts & Pages sidebar widget. I’m tempted to stop using it. Honestly, I only kept it because the theme’s old school styling makes me want to dump a ton of stuff in the sidebar like back in the day. If only MyBlogLog was still a thing.

Anyone else making the switch? what are your initial impressions?

Fire up that loud, another round of GLD

theGLDmathIt’s that time of year when I get the itch to blog about life’s wonderful distractions. Expect to see about a dozen new posts over the next couple of weeks.

In the mean time, I made a couple updates to the look and feel of GLD. I finally implemented the Twenty Fourteen magazine grid layout on the home page and relocated some stuff to the footer so I could dump the third column.

I’ve also been playing with a new (to me) graphics app called Pixelmator to have some fun with the post images. Expect a full review in the near future.

For now, welcome back to Getting Less Done.

Twenty Fourteen is upon us

twenty_fourteenI’m a big fan of the recent, yearly default themes for WordPress. uses a slightly modified version of Twenty Twelve. this month, the newest free Default WordPress theme, Twenty Fourteen has been released for self hosted blogs. This theme is fully responsive and features a pretty cool magazine style grid feature that I haven’t made time to figure out yet. Anyway GLD is now sporting the new theme.

I used the Fourteen Colors plugin to change up the color pallette without having to create a child theme, but I may fiddle with that in the future. Of course, creating your own child themes and editing CSS is an ultimate GLD activity.  What do you think of the news digs?